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Hot Water System Maintenance and Repairs - South Coast Caravan Centre


Caravan Hot Water Systems require regular maintenance and to ensure you’re not left in the cold when you least expect it.

Some HWS have a sacrificial anode. The anode is eaten away to prevent your HWS tank from rusting. It may last 12 months or more if you always filter all the water that goes into your plumbing. You should check the condition of the anode at least 3 or 4 times a year. Water with heavy minerals will consume the anode faster, this is typically water from dams, bores, rooftops even rainwater can be heavy in minerals.

We provide routine hot water system maintenance such as a complete HWS service that involves depressurizing and draining the tank then, removing and inspecting the anode.

We also thoroughly flush the HWS tank with our specially designed reverse flusher. This simple little unit delivers rinsing water into the tank and blows the rinsing the water in the direction of the drain hole leaving the tank 100% free of foreign particles (Sticking the garden hose in and relying on tap pressure simply will not remove all the unwanted particles).

Once flushed, the anode is refitted or replaced, the HWS system is purged of all air, fully tested on all power supplies (gas / electric 12v). We then adjust the thermocouple & igniter if required and check all operation functions to make sure all is going off & on as it should.


If your hot water system requires repairs, we carry a good range of spares, we can diagnose the issues quickly & rectify the problem to get you on your way again.

TIP: Always purge the air from your HWS tank before turning on 240v mains power. If the HWS water level is too low, the electric element may burn out in a matter of seconds.