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Breaks, Bearings, and Adjustments - South Coast Caravan Centre

Brakes and bearings are no doubt the most important part of your caravan, and we treat them as such.

When bitumen traveling caravan suspension, brakes, and bearings require servicing every 12months or 10,000km. If you go seriously off-road through creeks, sand, or bush bashing so-to-speak, 5000 to 8000km is not too early to have a service.

Our service is a thorough disassembly, cleaning, inspection, re-grease or replace and adjustment of your brakes and bearings. We also inspect and grease all suspension parts necessary.

Also included are many safety and maintenance checks such as:

  • U-bolt Tension-coupling bolt tension
  • Visual check undercarriage brackets (Clamps, screws, zip ties, clips, etc.)
  • Check for impact damage to chassis
  • Cracks to hoses and wiring
  • Seals, doors, windows, roof sealant around vents, air conditioner, skylights, etc.
  • Test trailer plug & light operation
  • Test & lube jockey wheel

We also check fasteners holding up onto the undercarriage such as plumbing hoses and 12v such as the undercarriage.