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Comprehensive Caravan Safety Checks - South Coast Caravan Centre

Your safety is our priority

A caravan safety inspection is actually part of our standard brake service.

When servicing the brakes/bearings/suspension we check parts that will ensure your next 10,000km will be trouble-free.

These days more caravan manufacturers require your service book to be stamped and dated by an authorized caravan service center to maintain your warranty.

Our servicing and maintenance program will extend the life of your caravan and help it to retain its resale value. And safer travels.

Caravan’s running gear is very simple but not maintenance-free. Bearings and brakes require regular attention every 12 months or 10,000km. 

When we have your caravan on our hoist for servicing we also perform many safety/maintenance checks such as:

  • Tire condition and wear pattern
  • Coupling damage and safety chain conditions
  • Hand brake operation
  • Operation of emergency breakaway system, a lawful requirement if over 2000kg
  • A complete check of all moving suspension parts – bushes -springs-shockers et
  • Grease all parts necessary
  • Fasteners securing the plumbing, gas lines, mains & tank water hoses, water tanks, storage tubes, etc, in fact, we check and refasten every nut bolt and screw on the undercarriage, those that have worked loose we refasten and use a polyurethane retainer sealant to prevent the fasteners from loosening again.(not silicon)
  • Trailer plug contact pins, plug condition, inside the plug wire contacts for frayed wires and rust.
  • The taillights and side clearance lights are checked for, lens condition, brightness, water ingress into the light
  • Turning Indicators and brake lights receive the same treatment
  • Chassis and suspension checked for fatigue and cracks
  • All the seals and sealants that may be deteriorating, on the undercarriage, windows, doors, hatches, walls, antenna, roof hatches, vents, air conditioner, and all other items on the roof.

This type of service/check will ensure safer travels until your next required service.
If we should uncover issues before commencing repairs we invite you to come in and inspect our findings while the caravan is on the hoist.