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Frequently Asked Caravan Maintenance and Repair Questions - South Coast Caravan Centre

We’re happy to share our professional insights. Find answers to frequently asked questions. Ask your own or tell us how you solved a problem with your caravan.

FRIDGE – 3-way type

Q: My caravan fridge isn’t getting cold on gas.
A: Most common cause is the gas regulator has stopped functioning properly for the fridge. But your stove and hot water system may still be working fine.

Q: My caravan fridge isn’t getting cold on 240v?
A: Make sure your 240v power is turned on.
A: It is possible your 240v fridge element has burnt out. Bring it in and see our specialist.

Q: My caravan fridge isn’t getting cold on 12v?
A: Is the car/caravan 12v compatible?
A: It is possible your 12v element has burnt out. Bring it in and see our specialist.


Q: Why is my caravans mains water pressure is low?
A: You may need to replace the pressure relief valve.

Q: Why is my caravans 12v water pressure is low
A: Check your tap filters for blockages.

Q: My caravans 12v water pump ticks a few times, even when I don’t use it?
A: Your pump may be losing pressure – The causes could be a slow leak, settings incorrectly adjusted, or leaking back through the pump to the tank.


Q: My caravans hot water system doesn’t start on gas?
It could be one of several issues:

A: The gas regulator is faulty.
A: Thermocouple has failed/moved.
A: The fridge gas solenoid has failed/bad connection and you have a flat battery.

Q: My caravans hot water system doesn’t get hot on 240v?
A: It has no electricity or the element has burnt out – Bring it in to see our specialist


Q: My caravans tail lights aren’t working?
A: If all the lights have failed most common cause is a bad negative connection
A: If just one light is failing that could be a bad globe or a bad plug/pin connection – Bring it in to see our specialist.


Q: How often do I need to get my caravan serviced?
A: Caravans should be serviced at least every 10,000kms or when your manufacturer recommends.

Q: My caravan electric brake drums are getting excessively hot.
It could be one of several issues:
A: Brake shoes over adjusted.
A: Bearings adjustment incorrect.
A: Bearing grease inadequate.
A: Failed internal brake mechanism.
A: In rare cases brake controller failure.

Q: What tires are suitable for my caravan?
A: There is no one answer – you must consider the tire load rating – speed rating – the type of road – light truck commercial type tires are usually suitable – best to consult professionals.

Q: How old can my caravan tires be?
A: Most tire manufacturers warn drivers to replace vehicle tires after six years. To wait any longer than that is a gamble with the integrity of the tires and is risky for anyone on the road!


Q: Can South Coast Caravan Centre help with 12v and battery issues?
A: Yes! We provide a free battery load test – the battery must have a reasonable amount of charge in it. We can check your 12v charging system and analyze your 12v power consumption to determine if you need another battery for free camping.

** Be careful when buying caravan batteries, some batteries may not be suitable for inside installations. Different caravan batteries types require a compatible charger **

WATER LEAKS – The enemy of caravans!

Q: My caravan has mold building up inside what should I do?
A: Caution must be taken when breathing air that is exposed to mold! You should take your caravan to a specialist that can safely check if you have a water leak

Q: How do I prevent caravan water leaks that will cause damage?
A: Regular inspections of seals and sealants.
Every brake/bearing service we perform includes a visual inspection of all sealed areas – doors, hatches, windows, air conditioners, roof hatches, antennas, etc – we even check the under chassis


Q: Why do I have bad reception on my caravan TV?
A: Bad reception can be caused by an old analog antenna.
A: You may be in a bad geographical position where there is no signal.
A: Installing a signal booster will help in certain areas.
A: Most common cause, is a bad or corroded connection outside the caravan to the antenna.


Q: What paper should I use in my caravan toilet?
A: It is most important to use fast biodegradable toilet paper, or it can damage your toilet cassette.

Q: How do I empty my caravan cassette?
A: Don’t shake! Shaking may dislodge or damage the internal mechanism, sending it down the drain.


Q: Is a rearview/reverse caravan camera worth it?
A: We believe definitely yes! Because you can see where your mirrors can’t,
a good camera system will have audio, so when reversing the driver will clearly hear directions from a spotter.

*Disclaimer: The suggestions provided by SCCC in these FAQs are based upon our years of professional experience and are intended to be insightful. Please understand that if you choose to perform maintenance or repair activities on your own vehicle, you do so at your own risk and SCCC is not to be liable. When in doubt, bring your vehicle to a fully qualified and insured repair shop such as SCCC.

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