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Caravan TV Reception Troubleshooting - South Coast Caravan Centre


Yes, even your RV TV antenna needs a little attention to get that perfect picture.

The most common issue is usually a faulty coax cable connection, so a regular inspection looking for a loose or corroded connection will ensure ongoing reception.

The very convenient wind-up type antennas require a regular service ideally every 12 months. The less you use it the sooner it will become stiff & possibly seize.

Electronics in TVs and boosters are very reliable these days so if your picture is failing and you have good connections, the weather, a building, or the caravan that just parked next to you may be interfering with your reception.

Digital signals are sent vertical or horizontal depending on what part of the country you are in, so you may need to tilt your portable antenna to tune in.


Our qualified antenna installer can diagnose, tune and test your system with ease. In some cases, you may need a new antenna if yours is damaged or is still the old analog type.

We keep a good range of coax cables, connectors antennas, boosters, and 12v TVs in our retail division.

If you camp in areas that have no reception, perhaps a satellite system is the answer for you.