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Caravan Fridge Repairs - South Coast Caravan Centre

Preventative Maintenance

There is basically 2 type of caravan fridges:

  1. One is the compressor type fridge usually 12/24v and 240v – basically functions the same as your household fridge needing minimal to no maintenance
  2. The other and most common is the 3-way fridge.

The 3-way fridge is powered by LPG (when no other power supply is available), 240v when mains power available, or 12v from the tow vehicle when traveling.

Having 3 separate power supplies requires minor but some regular maintenance such as:

  • Check gas lines occasionally for leaks
  • gas line pressure – fridges are fussy about line pressure
  • If you do a lot of dirt / off-road driving the burner tube or flame tube requires
  • cleaning as well as de-dusting the cooling unit at the rear of the fridge
  • Check the door seals annually
  • Run the fridge on gas 3 times a year for a minimum of 7hr


Common failures with 3-way fridges that we can repair include:

  • 240v element burnt out
  • 12v element burnt out
  • Failure to work on gas – this could be caused by any one of many defects

We repair fridges on a weekly basis – in fact in most cases we can improve the performance of a 3-way fridge. We also stock a large range of fridge elements 240v & 12v – regulators and most common parts to carry out successful repairs