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When was the last time you inspected the roof of your caravan/motorhome? Most owners don’t!

Once a year, depending on how much use and how many red dust roads you have been down, it is recommended to remove the top cover from the a/c unit and remove any bugs, leaves and other collected debris.

How does it get there you ask? Ever parked under a tree or windy conditions near a cliffside, when trucks overtake or pass in opposite directions the turbulence and vacuum can lift everything laying on the road, even stones. We have found all of this type of debris and more like; golf balls, rats nests, rocks — not small stones but apple-sized rocks that have penetrated the covers!

Dust that collects and builds up on the internal tubes condenser and compressor head acts as insulation, stopping heat from dissipating and this causes the a/c to be very inefficient.

When we carry out a maintenance service on your RV a/c we perform the following:

  • Remove the top roof cover
  • Inspect the cover for damage and deterioration
  • Remove any foreign debris ( common problem )
  • De-dust the complete internals ( common problem )
  • Check for corroding connections ( common problem )
  • Clean and straighten the condenser fins ( common problem )
  • Check transfer tubes for fatigue from vibrations
  • Clean the particle filters located inside the RV
  • Test the cooling and heating performance output temperatures

Your RV air conditioner is not like your home a/c unit. The mobile a/c is lighter and designed to resist vibrations and severe weather when traveling.

Easy regular maintenance you can perform without climbing on the roof is to run your a/c every 3 or 4 months for about one hour to maintain gas circulation through the system, this will keep motor seals & compressors lubricated. Clean the filters located in the inside cover.